Tuesday, August 11, 2009



On Sunday I went over to my late grandmother's home. She passed away last month and we had some things to do in preperation for her memorial service this weekend. While there, I took the opportunity to go through the house and photograph it - as is; to capture her home the way she left it after living there for nearly 70 years.

I thought about my grandma's life and all she experienced. I realized that when she moved into that house in 1940, she was in her early 30's; just a few years older than I am now. I thought through all the decades that she had experienced since then, and wondered which one was her favorite? I wish that I had thought to ask her that while she was still here.

The picture of her vanity is my favorite. I imagine her sitting there each morning for the past 70 years, getting ready for the day. She always looked classy and well put together. I love the ornate bottles of perfume, her carefully placed photographs, and all the touches of gold; she loved gold.

As I looked around her house, I thought about my house; about my parlor, and the girls room, and the little ledge above my bathtub where I keep my bottles of hairspray and lotions. I thought about all the memories that we have made in our home in just 4 years; birthdays, milestones, and of course, the miracle that is Elisabeth; and I realized that I have just begun this journey. I have so much ahead of me. So much to experience. So much life to live. And my home will be there through it all. A time capsule of my life; my little corner of the world. It will hold my legacy.

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