Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Replacement

One of the best things in life are packages. Better yet, surprise packages.

We received a surprise package in the mail from Charlene. Charlene used to be my next door neighbor; Charlene is one of my best friends; Charlene gave Elisabeth the original 'Peas and Carrots' binky chain once upon a time.

Back to the surprise package. Inside we found a new, freshly painted, clean and crisp bink-link. And not just any bink-link. An edgy bink-link. A skull and crossbones bink-link.

We immediately clipped it on Elisabeth's shirt and she grabbed onto the familiar beaded chain. Then she popped her binky in her mouth like a pro.

Elisabeth loves the new style. It has her thinking, 'peas and carrots? that's so juvenile!'

In fact, Elisabeth has taken this new punk-rock look very seriously; and her hair never looked better.

Thanks Charlene!

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