Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Story About a Cradle: Part III

The time finally came. After almost 2 complete years of sleeping in her royal cradle, Queen Elisabeth graduated to a crib.

I am not sure why I resisted this change for so long. It probably has something to do with the fact that Elisabeth is my last baby and I am in no hurry to close this chapter of my life. I think it is also partly because Elisabeth still seems like an infant in so many ways. It's easy to forget that even though she is moving very slowly developmentally, her body is growing very quickly.

So last night we tucked her into the crib for the first time.

She noticed. She smiled. She kicked. She moved her head back and forth. And we all stood there and watched and smiled right along with her.

Of course, this momentous occasion in our home led to a chain reaction of events:

  • Lorelai's toddler bed had to be converted back to a crib for Lizzy.
  • So we purchased a new twin size bed for Lorelai.
  • The girls room, while large in size, does not comfortably accomidate 2 twin size beds plus a crib.
  • So Alexandra was given her own bedroom (old computer room).
  • The computer was moved into the play room.
  • The play room is being dissolved and toys are finding homes in the girls bedrooms.

Following this??

  • And because all of this change, I have to (get to) decorate all these new rooms.
  • Alexandra's new room.
  • Lorelai and Elisabeth's new room.
  • The new computer room.

Needless to say, our upstairs is somewhat of a disaster area at the moment. But never fear, it will be restored to order soon. We have plans for new paint colors, new storage, new desks, etc. I shall call this The Upstairs Makeover 2009.

Stay tuned for pictures. (But give me a few weeks)

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