Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bit of Whimsy

Welcome to Lorelai and Elisabeth's new room.

This room is filled with pieces both old and new. The fairy mobile is something that I inherited from a previous generation and the Eiffel Tower's are mementos from Lorelai's 1st birthday party.

I used to push this buggy around when I was 5 years old:

This Kirsten doll was a gift to me on my 10th birthday and the tea table belonged to my little sister, Jennifer. The tea set was purchased while on vacation this past summer:

This is the crib that both my sister and I slept in as infants, and now Elisabeth is my 3rd daughter to use it. The perfect bed for my little queen, don't you agree?:

I promised you that I had another use in mind for the flower pom-poms (remember them from the children's birthdays?). They made the perfect wall art. I love the way they pop against the soft yellow walls:

The children's library.
Easy access to all their favorite books encourages some quality book time:

Lorelai's pink tufted storage bench makes the perfect window seat and offers a wonderful place to stash away all of her toys:

A few more pieces of furniture from my past; I can remember sitting at this table as a child and coloring to my heart's content. The chair shows years of wear, but if you ask me that adds to its charm:

Lorelai's new sleigh bed.

It has such a classic feel and it blends well with the 'antiques' in the room.

We also purchased new bedding. I loved that the fairy print was delicate and feminine without being cartoony. Next to the pillow is my favorite childhood bear, Gunderson. I fell asleep many a night with him tucked under my arm. The yellow blanket at the foot of the bed was crocheted by my older sister, Kristin. The perfect, cozy blanket on a chilly night:

And the perfect finishing touches to the room?
Two beautiful little girls, of course!

I am grateful that this room turned out just like I imagined.
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