Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday Review: Part II

Christmas Day

Uncle Michael took the girls and their new red wagon and walked to the park. Lorelai insisted on bringing the picnic basket despite very un-picnic-like weather conditions.

I couldn't get Donald's attention away from his new Ipod Touch. He loves it.

After brunch, a few Christmas visits...

First, to our friend Les (above left) who was celebrating his 95th Christmas. Les lived next door to us 5 years ago and hasn't any family in the world (so we have adopted him into ours).
Then we were off to visit Grandma Brinkerhoff (above right). We tried our hardest to bring her back to our place for dinner, but she wouldn't step foot out into the cold.

Finally, a nostalgic spin in the Nova.



Up tomorrow: Christmas Night
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