Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Becoming a Trekkie

I was raised in a Star Wars family. With three older brothers, there were always light sabers and millennium falcons and Darth Vader figurines scattered throughout the house. I even recall that my younger sister and I had Ewok stuffed animals in our bedroom. Yes, we were loyal Star Wars fans.

Star Trek on the other was...not our thing. And secretly I have snickered at Trekkies over the years. Especially the ones who would come eagerly into my Hallmark store in search of Star Trek collectibles. I just didn't get it.

Fast forward to November, 2009.

I was out making my final Christmas purchases. Donald had listed several blu-ray movies that he wanted and so I figured I would just pick one and call it good. After glancing at his list I decided to go with 500 Days of Summer, mostly because I loved that movie and by buying it for him I would also be buying it for me. Is that terrible? Probably. Oh well.

Anyways, I searched and searched for that movie, but it was nowhere to be found. Time was ticking and I needed to get home and put Elisabeth down for a nap, so I quickly ended my quest and decided to go with the next movie on his list: Star Trek.

On Christmas morning Donald was thrilled to add Star Trek to his growing blu-ray collection. I was glad he was happy, but had no interest in actually watching it. I hoped that he would just save it to view on a night when I was gone to rehearsal or something.

Well, a few weeks ago Donald started hinting that he really wanted me to see it. So I agreed. After all, he had watched My Fair Lady with me a few months back, and so I kind of owed it to him.

He didn't expect me to like it....I didn't expect me to like it. I don't do sci-fi, I don't do action, I don't do adventure. There was just no way that I would make it to the end of the movie without falling asleep.

How wrong I was.

I loved Star Trek. I was fascinated by it.
And I wanted more. I wanted to see it all.

So Donald and I have gone to the beginning, the very beginning. We began with the very first episode of Star Trek from back in the mid-sixties and are working our way through in order. It is awesome. And the young William Shatner...what a treat to look at. And is it weird that I find Spock strangely attractive too?

But looking past all the good looks....I love the stories. I dissect them; I try to understand every character and every plot completely.

Alas, I am quickly becoming a Trekkie.

Live Long and Prosper

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