Friday, April 23, 2010

"Elisabeth, let's go fast!"

When my sister flew up to visit us at the end of March she was excited to tell me about an ad she saw while reading a magazine on the airplane,

"It's like a bike, but there's a seat on the front, and it also converts into stroller," she tried to explain.

I had a hard time picturing it, so we went to the local grocery store where she found the magazine and showed me the ad.

I fell in love.


Over the past few weeks I have thought about the bike daily, especially with the lovely spring weather outside and the excitement of summer just around the corner.

I envision us going on rides around the neighborhood and along the river (I live next to the Columbia River). I imagine how Elisabeth will feel with the breeze on her face, and the thrill she'll experience as we speed along the bike trail.

This bike was meant for us;
me and Elisabeth, Elisabeth and me.

Take a look:

Here are a few things I really love about Taga bikes:

> It holds a child up to 49 inches and/or 55 pounds; even my 7 year old isn't that size yet, so Elisabeth will get a good 5 years use out of it (at least).

> She will be right up front with me rather than being pulled behind in a trailer.

> Because she will be up front with me I can talk to her as we ride and say things like, 'do you hear the birds singing, Elisabeth?' or 'Elisabeth, let's go fast!'

It is a 3-wheel trike, so we will have the ability to ride very slow if we want, unlike a child seat on a bike that requires the rider to keep up a certain speed in order to maintain balance.

> Elisabeth will enjoy the feeling of motion. This will be exhilarating for her!

So I've decided to order one. We'll just call it an early Mother's Day gift (to myself).

Now to pick a color...

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Which do you think I should pick?

For more information on Taga, visit their website:

Click here.

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