Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School and Broken Bones

Is it just me, or does everybody kind of skip ahead to the next season a few weeks early? Here it is, the first day of school, and I am in full Autumn mode - even though Fall won't truly be here for another 3 weeks.

And it's not just this season that I jump ahead on.

In my mind, Winter begins as soon as Thanksgiving is done, and Summer starts the day school lets out. Sorry Mother Nature, I know that's not how you have it planned, but that's the way my brain works.

Come to think of it, Spring is the only season that I don't jump the gun on. Probably because the winter chill lasts forever in my neck of the woods....long into Spring.

Boy oh boy, did I just go off on a tangent, or what?

So that whole rant started because it's that time again - time to change seasons, time to change gears.

Instead of wet towels from the pool hanging on the hooks in the front hallway, there will be school bags and sweaters. And my empty calendar is once again going to be packed with engagements; ballet, soccer, violin, piano, school.....

But we are ready to take it all on. More than ready in fact. Because even though it's back to structure in the Sorenson household, I myself will be enjoying a new found freedom; both Lorelai and Alexandra, in school - all day long. Even Elisabeth will be heading off to school a few days a week; school bus and all.

What will I do oh what will I do?

I get giddy at the thought.


Time to myself. Time to get things done.

Time to relax.

Hello to my new life....


In other news...

Lorelai broke her arm yesterday.

Broke it bad.


And that is why I say no rough-housing.

Still to come this week:

>Back-to-school caramel apples.
>First day of school pictures.
> Broken arm details.
>And more good stuff.

P.S. Happy Birthday David!
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