Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lizzy Long-legs

Elisabeth is on track to be our tallest child. Ha! Isn't it funny they way things work out sometimes? The one that I would prefer to be petite is growing like a weed - and the one who loves to play basketball (Alexandra) is the shortest in her class.

That's how life is, you know? We don't get to choose these things.

So Lizzy Long-legs it is. And I mean it; those legs go on and on and on.

Making it difficult to do things like put her in a high-chair --- or a swing. Swings are the hardest. Especially when Elisabeth keeps her legs curled up like a baby. Usually I have to call one of the older two over to pull her legs through the holes. Donald, however, managed this task all on his own the other day.

I was impressed.

Left leg stuck.

Left leg still stuck. It looks like Elisabeth is thinking, 'uh, Dad? Are you going to do something about this?'

Success! Now...buckle up for safety.

Let the swinging commence!
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