Thursday, August 12, 2010

New York Vacation: Jamestown

I grew up in a household of devoted I Love Lucy fans. And when I say devoted, I mean devoted. Devoted to the point that I quote lines from the show in my everyday life. I can't help it. And it drives Donald crazy. My children, I am pleased to say, are following in my footsteps. They love Lucy too. Many a morning I wake up to find them in the family room watching I Love Lucy DVD's. It warms my heart.

So, because we are devoted fans we knew that we just had to plan a trip to Jamestown, NY during our vacation. Jamestown is Lucille Ball's hometown and there are two museums dedicated to her there.

I think it might have been the highlight of the trip for me. Seeing the sets - in color, that was something else. I was in awe. And even though there were signs everywhere prohibiting us from snapping any types of photos (Due to CBS's copyright laws) Donald knew that I couldn't go without pictures. Proof that I've been there, right? So he broke the rules [gasp! I am usually a stickler about rules.]

So here are some pictures of the sets. I thought it only appropriate that I post them in black and white, in honor of the show:

[Lucy and Ricky's apartment at 623 E. 68th Street.]

[Jennifer and I, admiring the hotel suite from the episodes where Ricky goes to Hollywood to make a movie. Those, by the way, are my favorite episodes.]

[The kitchen.]

There was also a fun area where you could re-enact the Lucy's Vitameatavegamin commercial. Alexandra nailed it:


After visiting the museums we enjoyed an outdoor festival in honor of Lucy's 99th birthday....which happened to be the exact day we were there. :


The next morning, before heading on to our next destination, we stopped by to pay our respects at the local cemetery. Is it gruesome to pose next to a tombstone? I have no shame, I guess.

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I Love Lucy
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