Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend Roadtrip


Last weekend we took a last minute roadtrip to Seattle when Donald's co-worker offered us his tickets to the Seahawks first pre-season game. So off we went to the west side of the state (also known as the 'wet' side of the state, though miraculously it was all blue skies for us).

As we approached the stadium we passed many independent parking lots trying to lure us in with their signs advertising $20.00 parking. 'No thank you', I informed Donald. I would much rather pay a little more, say $25.00, and not have to walk a mile back to the car after the game. So we kept on driving till we reached the official stadium parking lot. That's when I saw it. The sign that read: Parking, $40.00. What?! Seriously? $40.00? Who in their right mind would pay $40.00 to park there? Why are people pulling in the parking garage? Of course they will charge such outrageous prices if people will pay it.


So we drove on by and found one of those $20.00 parking lots a mile away and called it good.

As we walked back towards the stadium Donald lifted the flap to my purse and peeked inside.

"You brought a book?! To a Seahawks game?! Lisa, you can't read a book at the game. The people around us will have a fit. Someone will probably take your book and throw it over the balcony."

"Oh Donald, nobody will care if I have a book," I replied.

Fast forward to the end of the 1st quarter. I had enjoyed a respectable amount of seeing people tackle one another and was ready for a distraction. So I reached in my bag and pulled out my book.

Immediately, the man next to me spotted it.

"You brought a book!? Isn't the game exciting enough for you?" he questioned.

And then he proceeded to inform everyone around us that I had in fact brought a book.

And they were all outraged.

Donald was right.

But I read anyways.

And......the Seahawks won!
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