Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paper Boats

Lorelai is our creative one. She lives for paper. Paper, paper, paper. She loves it. And oh, the things she can make out of paper! Anyways, on any given day her room is covered in scraps from whatever project she has been working on. To prove my point, I present you with exhibit A:

That was yesterday. But it could have been a month ago, or it could be two days from now, it pretty much always looks the same up there. And that's okay - we encourage her creative efforts. She use to worry about running out of paper, but Donald and I have assured her that there will not be a paper shortage; that she can create to her heart's content and we will make sure she has a never-ending supply.

Last week she asked me how to make a paper boat. ????. I had no idea how to make a paper boat because I - unlike Lorelai - am not creative. Not in the least. So I told her that we could look it up online. Of course, life being life, I kept putting it off and putting it off,
"after dinner Lorelai," and "maybe in the morning Lorelai," until I finally got my act together and went and found a paper boat tutorial. I now present you with exhibit B:

Now she has become a paper boat making expert and I am finding them all over the house. Aside from the obvious places (bathtub, kitchen sink, etc.) I find them here, there and everywhere. Exhibit C:

And as I have been finding paper boats all around my house it reminded me of the book, Curious George Rides a Bike by H.A. Rey. In that story George makes ooodles of paper boats and sends them off down a stream. Exhibit D:

This is not a book that we have, but Lorelai, who is a Curious George fan, would be thrilled to discover that George knows how to make paper boats too! So, of course, I had to order. Oh, Lorelai is going to be so surprised!

Have a great day!
(Go make a boat or something)
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