Monday, July 25, 2011

Home (again)

Two years ago I wrote a post titled, Home. It's actually one of my favorite posts. It's about the home my grandmother lived in for over 7 decades - and about the legacy my family was creating in our own home.

At that time we expected this home to be our forever home. In fact, when we purchased this home back in 2005 that was the idea; that this was it; this would be the place where we would raise our children; this would be where we would grow old and gray.

But at the time I wrote that post, Elisabeth was a completely different child than she is now. Did she have brain damage? Yes. But nothing compared to how she is currently. Two years ago she could eat. Two years ago she could drink bottles. Two years ago she could even crawl around the family room. But things have changed for the worse as far as her brain is concerned. Infantile Spasms stole away most of the abilities that she once possessed and Donald and I have gained a clearer understanding of what we are facing as she gets older. She won't talk. She won't walk. She won't eat. She will permanently remain in an infant state. We also came to the realization [last Fall] that our current home, our dear and beloved home, just wouldn't be compatible with caring for Elisabeth. It's just not - shall we say - Elisabeth friendly.

So last October we decided that it made the most sense to start from scratch; to build a home that would be comfortable and practical for raising Elisabeth. We started making plans. We had a builder. We had a lot. We had a floor plan.

But then we faced obstacle after obstacle. Everything just kept falling through. Every time we made a plan, the plan had to change for one reason or another. It was exhausting. We went through multiple builders and many, many lots. At one point in time we even made an offer on an existing one level home - but even that fell through.

Finally we thought we had everything set. The perfect house plan. The perfect lot. And a builder who was going to help customize everything perfectly for our dear Elisabeth. Everything was finally falling into place.

And then we got a call while we were vacationing in the Grand Canyon. Once again, plans had changed. I won't go into details - but let's say that our builder sort of betrayed us.

Donald and I looked at each other and decided we had had enough. It just wasn't going to work out to build a home. Instead, we would just make it work.

When we arrived home from vacation we walked in the front door of our home - our beautiful, wonderful, lovely home. My heart was overflowing with joy. We were [are] home to stay and it felt good; it felt right.

We have since started making plans. Building an addition for Elisabeth on the main level; a ramp out front; a roll in shower; things that will make life a little simpler (as far as caring for a handicapped child goes). And while we're at it we have a few other things planned. Some remodeling and redecorating - just for the fun of it. Go big or go home, right?

(Or in this case, go big and go home.)

[To celebrate the fact that we're staying, Donald and I bought these new numbers for our house. I'm in love with them. Out with the old gold and in with the snazzy silver!]
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