Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Summer Adventure: Part XX

Do you have cousins? I don't. Not-a-one.

I always felt like I was missing out on something special.

So it tickles me to no end to see my children with their cousins. Ahhh.....I love that word: cousins. Cousins, cousins ,cousins. Everyone should have one [or two or ten].

*At the Malovich home on July 9th.*
Salt Lake City, UT.

Alexandra and (I'm going to take a guess here because they are identical twins) Benjamin at the piano.

Alexandra and Katya.

Lorelai Leigh...................................Kristin, with her son, Matthew.

Top row: Matthew, Daria, Katya, Jacob. Bottom row: Benjamin, Alexandra, Lorelai, Peter.

Where's Elisabeth you ask? Well, she was doing this at the time:

3 week vacation = Zzzzzzz......

And finally, a quote from our visit to the Malovich home:

Me: "Lorelai, are you excited to go home tomorrow?"

Lorelai: "No."

Me: "What???" [puzzled because we had been on the road for so long and I thought she would be thrilled to return home.]

Lorelai: "Well, I'm excited to go home, but I just don't want to leave my cousins."

True, true.

We miss you, Malovich Family!
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