Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy 100th, Lucy!

I Love Lucy. It's true. And today would have been her 100th birthday! It has me thinking back to one year ago when we were in her hometown of Jamestown on her 99th. Oh, what a celebration it was!; I can only imagine the partying happening there today.

At the beginning of summer vacation I set a goal for my children to watch every single episode of I Love Lucy. Does that make me a terrible mother? I probably should have been making them reading charts or something instead.

Anyways, they have watched the show before - quite a bit in fact, but not in its entirety. So we started with season one episode one and have carefully navigated our way through 5 out of 6 seasons. Most of that was watched while driving to California and then to Arizona and back up north again to Washington. The perfect way to add some entertainment into those looooooong drives. Now we have a few weeks to finish up one more season before the children head back to school. A successful summer, I would say!


Lucille Ball!

*A Fact About Me:
My favorite I Love Lucy episodes are the Hollywood ones (season 4). Love them.
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