Friday, October 21, 2011

The Cheese Panel

Welch's Grape Juice is currently working on an ad campaign that will pair up cheeses with their various juices. But before they can launch the campaign they need to know which cheeses pair up well with which juices and, more importantly, what kids think about it all.

That's where Alexandra and Lorelai (along with best friends Avery, Owen, and Zack) come in.

They are officially known as the cheese panel.

Wednesday was their first official day on duty. They had to try 3 different juices, each paired with 5 cheeses from around the world. Their instructions were to sip the juice, taste the cheese, and then take one more sip of the juice. After each tasting they had to make notes of what they thought - did they like the flavor? Did the cheese change the flavor of the juice? Etc.

The children felt oh so important and can't wait for the next cheese tasting in two weeks.

[Lorelai, the birthday girl.]

[The adults got to participate too :) ]

[Elisabeth says, 'ehh....cheese is so overrated. Just give me some milk in my tube and I'm good.']
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