Monday, January 2, 2012

Birthday Thoughts 2012

[artist: Mary Blair (my favorite)]

One year ago today I turned 31. And on that day I wrote about adventure; about stepping out of my comfort zone and taking the road less traveled.

I started that post with a dictionary definition of the word adventure:

ad-ven-ture: noun

1: an undertaking, usually involving danger and unknown risks.

2: an exciting or remarkable experience.

When I began that year I was resolved to live by those words - so I traveled to Europe with my sisters and I rode a mule at the Grand Canyon; I did things that seemed stereotypically adventurous.

But as I look back upon the year gone by I realize that most of life's adventures are the ones that you don't plan - even the ones you don't want. My 31st year brought me some physical hardships - knee surgery in late January and spinal surgery in September. But even so, those experiences were - as the definition states - remarkable. Remarkable and rewarding - because I won, I triumphed. Life's curve-balls did not get the best of me.

What I've learned is that life is an adventure. Sometimes it's setting off on a vacation to a far off land, and sometimes it's just surviving that bump in the road. But it's all part of the experience, and I promise that if you don't give up you'll always come out ahead.

Today I turn 32 and my heart flutters at the idea that I don't know what's coming. Some of it will be good, some of it will be bad. But no matter what - I'm ready for it.

The adventure continues...

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