Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Gait Trainer

Now that Elisabeth has perfectly formed feet and a shiny new pair of braces, it's time to get her using those legs.

Yesterday, I popped by her school in time to watch her in physical therapy. They put her into the gait trainer - which is kind of like a walker for big kids.

She was not so fond of the idea at first...

...but in the end she succumbed to this inevitable fate.

And then...she realized,
"wait a minute, there might just be something to this...".

At that point I had to leave, but word around the campfire is that Elisabeth propelled herself 25 feet!

25 feet!!!!

Hot Diggity Dog!

Her nurse said she was almost in tears (the nurse, not Elisabeth). So I'm going to stop by school again on Thursday in hopes of video footage, so stay tuned!
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