Monday, January 16, 2012

A Story to Tell

Donald and have I been working on a project that has us sorting through books, lots and lots of books.

It was while sorting through said books that I noticed some papers neatly tucked away within one of them...

...a math final from 1948.

And some homework...that apparently never got turned in.

[See that date? May 29, 1948]

Donald and I were fascinated by it; it felt like we had stumbled upon a time capsule. We wondered who he was, who he became, where he was now.

So we did some research and discovered that Dale passed away just over 4 years ago. He was born in 1929 and lived in and throughout the region where we currently reside. He was an agricultural engineer and went on to sell real estate after retiring.

It's so interesting how life just passes by. At one point of time this man was in his prime, with his whole life ahead of him...and now it's gone. Done.

It makes me think about the life I'm living; how it's steadily ticking by. There are times when it seems to be standing still; when I'm going through the same routines of laundry and feeding tubes and driving children to and from ballet class. But these moments aren't going to last, they never do. So this paper - this homework - was a reminder to enjoy it all, to live in the moment, and to cherish the memories that I'm making.

And perhaps someday, some 60+ years from now, someone will stumble upon something that belonged to me. And maybe, just maybe, they will wonder who I was and about the life I lived.

And I hope when that day comes, that there's a story to tell.
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