Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tennessee, Here We Come!

Yesterday morning Elisabeth's seizures were just terrible. She lay on the floor in the family room, her small body convulsing uncontrollably. I sat next to her, whispering softly, 'Mama is here'. And when it was all over she fell fast asleep, her brain exhausted.

Elisabeth's seizures have been getting increasingly worse.

We need a change.

So Donald and I have made the decision to take her to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. They have a NAEC Level IV Accredited Epilepsy comprehensive epilepsy program...and an epileptologist who comes very highly recommended (people take their children to him from all over). Now for the exciting news: Le Bonheur called yesterday afternoon and Elisabeth is scheduled to spend the week of June 25th in their hospital! They promised that by the time we fly home there will be a plan in place.

I am so hopeful; I feel like this could be it! If there's a way to get Elisabeth's epilepsy under control, I'm confident that they will be the ones to do it. And if not, I will know that we have tried everything possible to help her.

After the children got home from school I had them move the blue flag from Hawaii to Tennessee on our world travel map. The girls are thrilled to be coming along on this little adventure; they love Elisabeth dearly and have always been active participants in her health care, so this will be a very rich experience for them too.

Memphis, here we come!

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