Friday, March 30, 2012

Tears of Gratitude

Yesterday morning I found myself at the end of my rope. I was tired, I was discouraged, I was emotionally drained. With every nurse or doctor that walked into our room I burst into tears. Days on end of watching Elisabeth suffer was proving to be too much to bear.

But then, just when I thought I could hang on no longer... inbox became flooded with emails...people near and far who wanted to express their love and well-wishes for Elisabeth.

...local missionaries from my church showed up to give Elisabeth a blessing. friend Justyne arrived - sock monkey in hand for my little queen.

...card after card after card was delivered to Elisabeth's bedside from others in the hydrocephalus community (24 of them!).

...a fellow hydro mom arranged to have a local restaurant deliver a meal to me in our hospital room.

...some volunteers came in with a bag of fabric and told me to pick out my favorite. A short while later they returned with a pillowcase they had sewn for Elisabeth.

...a dear friend and her mother arrived with a new little sock animal for Elisabeth - a panda, it's adorable!

...that same friend - who happens to be a photographer - did a photo shoot, documenting this moment in time.

Countless acts of love and kindness have been showered upon me and Elisabeth. Instead of tears of sorrow, I find myself weeping tears of gratitude. And within my heart I feel peace and comfort - and I know all will be well, no matter what the future holds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each of you who has thought of my sweet child this past week. What a difference you have made!

And now a few more photographs that my friend Lee Ann captured:

And please visit her blog at Photography by Lee Ann to see even more images from the day. I may have teared up [again] when I saw them. Click here and then scroll down.

p.s. We are still lacking answers. Elisabeth continues to get worse. I will keep you all posted.

p.p.s. Another big thank you to my sister for bringing my girls up to see me and Elisabeth!

p.p.p.s. And yet another to my mother in law for driving all the way here, just to give Donald a ride back home.

p.p.p.p.s. If I forgot you, this is for you: thank you!
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