Monday, June 4, 2012

Call Me Crazy

It was a typical weekend. 

 For example: 

I went to yoga...Donald cleaned out the van...We stocked the pantry and fridge...Had Kabobs for Sunday dinner...And Elisabeth pulled out her g-tube.

[G-tube in Elisabeth's right hand. Her mid-day-meal coming out her stomach. Delightful, no?]

No worries this time around as I was holding her when it happened. It was quite humorous, really. All of the sudden I looked down and she was gripping it tight in her fist while stomach acids and her mid-day-meal of pediasure came pouring out of the hole on her belly. 

 Jennifer was scrambling to get the necessary items so that we could get the g-tube securely put back in said hole. 

That's when I said, 'not so fast, we have time for a picture'. 

She thought I was crazy. 

Maybe I am.
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