Monday, June 18, 2012

Packing and Paper Cranes

There are a million things that have to happen today.

Most importantly, I need to talk with Elisabeth's neurologist in hopes that he can prescribe her a sedative or something - because she is going crazy (literally). We had hoped that her behavior this past week had been due to shunt problems, but we had her shunt reprogrammed on Friday and she has only gotten worse (screaming, crying, thrashing, etc.).

I am going to beg the neuro for something - anything - to calm her down. Because tomorrow we have a cross country flight to Atlanta and there is NO way I can travel across the country with Elisabeth behaving like she has been.

So keep your fingers crossed that Dr. R can come up with some miracle med, okay?

In other news, remember all those paper cranes? Well, here is phase one complete: 


Alexandra has made a gazillion more cranes even since we strung those ones I imagine we will have garlands of paper cranes hanging everywhere by summers end. Want one? 

Okay, I'm off to pack!
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