Monday, October 29, 2012

Farewell, Yellow House


Nine years ago we bought our first home; a darling yellow house with a window seat and a large tree in the front yard. We purchased it when Alexandra was 11 months old and stayed only 18 months before moving into our current home. 

Since then we have been renting it out...oh what a headache that has been! We are just not cut out to be landlords - not in the least

Happily, we sold that little yellow house on Friday. It was a straight across sale to the renters that have been there since I was pregnant with Elisabeth. No realtor fees, no months waiting as it sat on the market, no repairs, nothing. We just showed up and signed a big ol' pile of papers. And with that, it is theirs. 

It was a great first home, but I am relieved to not have it be our responsibility anymore. 

Oh, happy day!

Standing in front of our first home, September 2003.

Farewell, yellow house!
 ***If you missed my update on Elisabeth, click here.
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