Monday, November 26, 2012

I Am Not Brave

Remember that day back in early August when I wrote a post about having to get a root canal done? Yeah, well...that never happened. Elisabeth ended up in the hospital that day and I conveniently forgot to reschedule (thanks to my dental phobia). As a consequence, I have been having some pretty major tooth pain and haven't been able to eat on the left side of my mouth for months on end.

But it was worth it (so I thought) if it meant I wasn't in the dentist's chair.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. My months of negligence caught up with me. 
In the late afternoon my left jaw started to swell up and I could feel a huge lump under the skin (hello tooth abscess). And the pain...oh the pain! Needless to say, the dentist had me make my way to the ER to get some antibiotics and steroids in my system through an IV.

Now for a confession of sorts:  
I am not brave like Elisabeth.

This is when they came at me with a needle (exhibits A and B):

 2012-11-20215111 2012-11-20215135

 Shameful, I know.

 But finally they got me (exhibit C):


It was worth it for the morphine though. To have all that pain be whisked away...twas delightful! 

Then I started getting sleepy...and talking. Apparently I told Donald that we just have to go to Washington DC because I have to see the constitution. (Morphine brings out the patriotic side of me).

So the good news is that they were able to do some temporary dental work to ease my pain and clean out the infection (exhibit D):


The bad news is that I still have to go in for that darn root canal. This Thursday in fact. Ugh.

And finally, I leave you with a picture of a saggy, lump-filled left jaw. 
It's a beauty, isn't it? (exhibit E):

 20121363 20121121_160046 

So I just hid behind QE's curls for the day. No biggy.

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