Friday, November 30, 2012

The Root Canal


Well, I confirmed it:

I am not brave.

The root canal was terrible, absolutely terrible.

They spent one entire hour trying to get my mouth numb. This included 10 injections. Nothing. My mouth refused to give in to numbness!

At that point the endodontist was anxious to just get the show on the road and so he told me he was just going to drill open the tooth and inject directly in.

That's when the tears started streaming down my face.

So they started drilling...and injecting.

And every few minutes they would get to a point that was not numb and I would scream out. And then they would try numbing it up again. And so on and so forth.

I sat in that dentist chair, gripping the armrests for dear life. Every muscle in my body, tense...waiting for the next burst of pain.

And the tears kept streaming.

It was terrible

But at least it's over.

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