Monday, December 24, 2012

The Beam - Part 1


Lorelai loves gymnastics.

And more specifically...Lorelai loves the balance beam.

So Alexandra - being the good big sister that she is - took some leftover fabric scraps, trimmed it down to official 'beam size', and taped it to the family room floor.

Voila!! An instant beam!

2011-12-25085517_zpscd92f4aa 2011-12-25085539_zps07876f78 2011-12-25085604_zps3b320115 2011-12-25085635_zpsc1628c52 2011-12-25085109_zps41f07590 

A fine beam, indeed. 

I wonder though...if Santa might have something similar packed on his sleigh? 

In pink, perhaps? 

(wink, wink!)
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