Saturday, March 30, 2013


 photo 92474748-b373-41bd-a100-e6c6192344f2_zpsfbcf2efe.jpg
[The catkins on my weeping pussy willow tree.]

Spring is here at long last. I survived the winter; the cold and barren winter.  All around me I see color and beauty. I feel warmth. I smell the sweet air. I hear birds singing outside my window. The world has come alive again.

And within myself I feel a renewal too. I feel a desire to better myself; to push myself to new limits; to make resolutions; to live up to my potential.

Last night I sat in bed and wrote. I wrote a list of things I want to accomplish and things I want to change. I evaluated the person I am compared to the person I should be - the person I can be. I love that life is continually about growing. It's never too late to start towards a new goal....and no goal is ever too far to reach.

Life is Exciting.

 photo 1d34c5c2-7a5f-4c9c-bb42-4e82eb7aea17_zps51e07dca.jpg 
[Blossoms in my backyard!]

  photo 07ece105-1df0-4827-aebd-e10ada53325f_zpscee949a6.jpg 
[Pops of color in my front yard.]

  photo 07f26141-34f9-41aa-b600-b9e0ea49bed2_zps4f1f031c.jpg 
[The grass is greening!]

  photo 4743f98f-a024-4967-ba38-7e16fb4cfccc_zps671d38b9.jpg
[My tulips are popping up!]
  Welcome, Spring!
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