Friday, April 26, 2013

Planning For Number Four

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QE says, 'Hooray! Warm Spring weather is finally here!'

 It's Friday! The weekend is upon us and I have a nice long list of things I want to accomplish (including conquering the upstairs linen closet!) Also, I want to read up more on Ethiopia. We are three months or so from our first trip (give or take). I can't believe this is really happening! 

And while we are on the topic of the adoption, I suddenly realized that I need to start getting things ready here on the home front. For example...our new little one needs a bed. We know she is going to share a room with Lorelai, but should we buy another twin bed? Or should we go with a bunk? I'm leaning towards a single twin. After all, she is coming from an orphanage and has never had anything of her own - she'd probably love having her own bed in her own little corner of the room, right? 

Oh, how excited I am getting!!

p.s. Our new little one (Ethiopia doesn't allow me to share her name on social media yet) is our fourth child, but she comes third in line age-wise. So do I call her my fourth child? Or my third? Or fourth for now while I am waiting for her to come home? And then she takes over her rightful spot as the third child when she gets here?  I have so many thoughts running through my mind, can you tell?!

p.p.s. Her name is soooooooo beautiful

p.p.p.s. She is sooooooo beautiful, too!

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