Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Coat of Blue

The step-stool on my front porch was in need of a makeover.

And the front porch was in need of a little color.

 photo d7620f55-35cb-4749-8e9a-3b91ad30a583_zps3691bc1e.jpg 

A can of blue paint did the trick. 

 photo 73d2cc1d-cd98-4ea5-b08a-d48343f18c64_zpsb0ffd525.jpg  photo b683623a-6461-4d76-b12f-b3801f3279bf_zpsafe1d579.jpg  photo 054806ac-a387-4816-89af-c8c13301d8db_zps344aa8cf.jpg
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