Monday, May 13, 2013

A Tale of Two Die

Advance to Go...

 photo 49b1d0cf-9142-43c1-a6f4-ea70018a0399_zpscae994ce.jpg

Mother's Day at our house was spent teaching the children the fine art of playing Monopoly. They took an immediate liking and understanding to it (my children have a deep love of money).

It's a good thing that the weather is warm now and that we can eat our meals outdoors...because I have a feeling that my kitchen table is going to be occupied with the Monopoly board for quite some time. 

(You know how these games can go on and on and on...)

 photo 1e83518f-180b-40fc-a1f0-1d8aec20e257_zpsb9720ebe.jpg
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