Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What To Do With a Shoebox: Part I

Sometimes - when you get new shoes - it's a good idea to wrap the box and turn it into a place to store greeting cards and memento's.

  photo 7213ab13-bdad-4291-b765-ff919b9d647f_zps38126970.jpg  photo e92930bc-9041-425d-8978-6c72d1477a73_zps86d387ab.jpg  photo 7fb62e20-28fc-482e-9966-bd78b4121add_zps4d8fda54.jpg  photo 3238f784-0dfd-45c1-91d9-54e08bffa112_zps04f9d5ea.jpg 

Up tomorrow: Part II

p.s. This little project reminded me so much of when I did this in 2009. 
We still use that box to store extra grocery bags, btw...
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