Thursday, August 29, 2013

Farewell, Kindle

I don't put too much emphasis on 'stuff'. 

In fact, I am sometimes 'anti-stuff'

For some people Spring cleaning comes once a year, but for me it is a constant event. I don't like too many things around the house. I don't like a lot of clothes and shoes. I don't like things that I don't use. What can I say? I am practical.

However, I do have a possession that I treasure - my Kindle.

Donald gave it to me for Christmas a few years back and it quickly became one of my best friends. I carried it with me everywhere - from football games to hospital stays (because you just never know when you will have an opportunity to read).

A few days back I picked up my Kindle to read for a bit. That's when I noticed it. Broken. Unreadable.

 photo 31df812a-92d2-4511-869e-d02df36e68d7_zpsf58862b1.jpg 

I was devastated. My Kindle traveled with me to Europe, to the Grand Canyon, to Williamsburg, to Nashville, to Hawaii, to Africa. And I traveled with it to places that existed within the writings it held. My Kindle took me to 1963 when Kennedy was shot. It took me through the rabbit hole with Alice. It put me on the battlefield with Katniss. It was on my Kindle that I read my favorite book, The Giver, for the first time. Oh, the adventures we have shared!

But now it is broken; my vast library trapped inside.

Now is not the time to buy a replacement; right now there are much more important uses for our money - like bringing Elsa home.  So I shall return to books. Actual books with covers and pages. Good thing I've got a few ;)

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