Monday, October 28, 2013

A Flip Book for Elsa

In less than two weeks we will walk out of the orphanage in Addis Ababa with Elsa at our side. I've been trying to imagine that moment; what I will be feeling, what she will be feeling.

No doubt, she will be a little nervous. And although she does know quite a bit of English vocabulary, I'm guessing Elsa will be somewhat timid about speaking in those first few days (weeks?).

So I had an idea. What about creating a little picture flip book so that she has an easy and comfortable way to communicate her wants, needs, and feelings to us? Because the last thing I want is for her to be sitting on a 17 hour flight from Africa to America too afraid to tell me she has to go to the bathroom!

I explained my idea to Donald and he arrived home from work yesterday with this:

 photo 8fa9d1f2-1da3-44e0-b3ac-64a527570366_zps350ad8fc.jpg  photo 3b71945d-1562-4dd4-b75f-6b748d9df4ea_zps93c744ae.jpg  photo d720ed60-4026-48c3-9702-8d716c2bde35_zps2f8d7df3.jpg  photo db743587-5a2e-4e85-a096-584f5d78a8eb_zps5214850d.jpg  photo 8fce2838-a514-4e51-9e25-8197f8913ef7_zpsbbaf44ad.jpg  photo 65096580-dade-438c-aa5f-809af33632fc_zps6ec8260f.jpg  photo 2e76534f-8773-44fd-a176-a96bdf049bfa_zpsc2758287.jpg  photo aa1509b0-b337-4040-9d4c-f2e320b0151b_zps56de2990.jpg 

 It turned out just as I had hoped!

Now I am going to think, think, think 
of anything else that we might want to add.

Any ideas?

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