Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Celebration of Nine!

Since Lorelai's birthday comes third in our birthday season, it is very important that I don't lose steam. So I take special care to go above and beyond; to let Lorelai know that even though her birthday is last, it is most definitely not least.

I hereby present the celebration of nine:

  photo 46bda098-488b-4396-96e1-370c791a3e9e_zps137df2c3.jpg  photo c183e6da-facb-4365-bf18-00f7a461a1c5_zpsbd795687.jpg  photo 65701f7b-b1f9-4528-93d3-ce76d5e2de3b_zps0743a63b.jpg  photo 26389894-0d72-45df-9327-286a914b5143_zpsff458f3b.jpg
Treat bags filled with silly string and Cracker Jack - to go with our circus theme.

 photo 233d35b2-2c50-4680-a3ac-9a53cdecc003_zps3ac1f398.jpg  photo 1b7bfb3c-9028-4972-a998-ad0c771f43a8_zpsef2a177a.jpg  photo b2cbfd09-9640-46c9-b996-6d6884cd583c_zpsb615b00a.jpg  photo 138c3052-a844-4204-a02b-080a031aa0d4_zpsdaad3326.jpg  photo 0beacbc9-b1ce-4272-9758-34025f8ba59e_zps1ec94704.jpg

Highlights of Lorelai's day: 
~ A gymnastics meet.
~ Lunch at Costa Vida
~ Trip to Costco
(Where I said yes to things like ginormous boxes of brownies...
because she asked and she was the birthday girl.) 

 For Lorelai's 9th Birthday she got:
~ Skateboard
~ Crystal garden
~ Rainbow loom
~ Clothes
~ Leotard
~ Guinness Book of World Records

And now, my favorite picture of the day:

 photo dc142ac2-5d2e-4430-82d1-611690682a81_zpsb11aa685.jpg 
Two sisters, whispering, whilst holding a can of silly string. 

You can imagine what happened next!


That's a wrap!
 photo a591b9c3-9fc2-4105-b3eb-70f0fef95037_zpsbb17a9f2.jpg 
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