Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello, 2014!

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It's here!

January 1st!

And boy, oh boy, do I have something exciting planned for 2014!

I've decided to enroll my girls in

Lisa's Finishing School.

You see, my girls are growing up - and quick. I look at them and don't see little kids, but young ladies. When I realize how fast they are growing I get sort of panicked; there is so much to teach them yet! You see, I don't just want them to grow up...I want them to grow up well.

So this year I am forming my own finishing school of sorts. I am going to focus on teaching them etiquette and social skills. Once a month we are going to have a formal dinner at our house where we will put their lessons into action. The table will be set with our fine china, we will dress in our best clothes, and the girls will practice things like which-fork-to-use-when.

And don't think my finishing school is solely about dinner time etiquette. It goes far beyond that. I want my children to be well versed, I want them to know great works of art, I want them to be familiar with musical masterpieces. As a teenager I have memories of my mom taking me to see greats like Mikhail Baryshikov, Marcel Marceau, and Itzhak Perlman. That's what I want for my daughters - I want to expose them to artists and musicians, I want them to listen to symphonies and watch plays. There is a whole world out there rich with talent and creativity, and this year I am going to share it all with them. 


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