Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lisa's Finishing School: Part 2

Last month, when I was performing Handel's Messiah, it suddenly occurred to me that Alexandra and Lorelai were old enough - and mature enough - to sit unaccompanied at a concert. With me being a member of the orchestra and Donald home caring for Elsa and Elisabeth, I trusted that they would be able to manage themselves. Well, not only did they manage themselves, but they completely soaked up the experience! I checked on them during intermission and I'm pretty sure they were pretending as if they were high society ladies -  all dressed up and listening to fine classical music.

On Sunday afternoon, I had another performance - this one with the Mid-Columbia Symphony. And, since this year I am focusing on exposing my children to a wide range of fine arts, I requested some comp tickets and brought them along.

The theme of this concert was folk music from around the world, featuring themes from Romania, Estonia, America, England, and Ireland. Before the performance I reviewed proper concert etiquette with Alexandra and Lorelai. Things like, don't clap between movements; hold your applause until the end of the piece and no talking or whispering.

The girls had a seats right up front and I had a direct line of sight to Lorelai.

I may or may not have given her a few winks along the way. 

 photo 5c734c72-800f-4883-9f5c-eb4f250b375a_zps9db3e019.jpg 
[During intermission.]
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