Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Perfect Being

 photo fd944e2d-6338-4687-acda-2edfafe2093f_zps89b8b3ba.jpg
[When you have a perfect child, you snuggle them close...sometimes by the hour.]
I have heard many say that Jesus was the only perfect human to walk the Earth. Those who say that have obviously not met Elisabeth. She is perfect and pure. She has never done wrong. She has never had a negative thought. She has not and will not ever be tainted by the ways of the world. Elisabeth is in a constant state of perfection. 

A few days ago a friend of mine was admiring Elisabeth as she lounged in her beanbag chair. "I'm trying to imagine what it must be like to live with a perfect person," she said. I told her it was an honor; that I look at her daily and can't believe she's mine. And to think, nearly seven years ago, my heart ached at the thought of having a less than perfect child. How little I knew then about what perfection is. Perfection isn't about accomplishment or achievement. It isn't about beauty. It isn't about intellect.

Perfection is about the soul - and Elisabeth's soul is perfect

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