Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Post About Falling. And Tea (with jam and bread).

of a fall:

  photo e585e5a7-defb-4420-af93-e6d07178208a_zps459a4301.jpg  photo 2b58557e-b689-4ee9-8727-9d67d2eba174_zps9937ca1d.jpg  photo 20b106bc-ec1c-4959-9a9a-7c32f594f1f4_zpsf5787241.jpg  photo 2311c8b7-3198-4968-a13f-90a19bd278d3_zps59e036c6.jpg  photo 65e7648f-9255-4f92-8c98-ea119fb46cb3_zps3e88659b.jpg 

No matter how hard she tries, Elisabeth simply can't sit up anymore. Not longer than five seconds, anyway. Such is life when your spine is so very, very crooked.

In other news...

Rehearsals for The Sound of Music are going SO well.
Here is a little snippet to get you excited (as if you weren't already):

Little known fact: This reprise of Do-Re-Mi is my favorite musical number in The Sound of Music. Something about the sophistication of the music paired with the silliness of the words just speaks brilliance.

Also: You might notice two lines of Von Trapp children, that is because the show is double cast: a blonde set and a brunette set. They are splitting the shows, each taking three. Alexandra is Marta in the brunette cast. She is standing behind the girl in orange, second to the left.

Tea with jam and bread! 
With jam and bread! 
With jam...with jam and bread!!!!!!!!
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