Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lisa's Finishing School Part 9

West Side 

I recently performed in an orchestra for some 7 performances of West Side Story. So naturally, I had the girls come watch.

In the weeks leading up to it we listened to the sound track non-stop and the girls watched the movie several times over. We also talked about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and how West Side Story is a modern day re-write of that well known classic. At this point I can say with confidence that Alexandra, Lorelai, and Elsa know this musical inside-out.

  photo 6a8eb5df-d75c-4271-9eb9-b4a12322cf7d_zpsf5286e68.jpg

As for myself, I truly enjoyed playing in this pit orchestra. West Side Story just has so many great songs! Honestly, I am not sure there are many musicals that have as many recognizable songs (to the general masses) as West Side Story. Maria...America...I Feel Pretty...Tonight.

I would say that my girls favorite number in the show was  Gee Officer Krupke with America being a close second. We listened to those over and over and over and over and over. 

Next musical on deck is The Sound of Music, of course. 
Rehearsals start on Monday and Lex is so excited!

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