Friday, May 23, 2014

The Hershey Track and Field Games

Elsa and Lorelai participated in the 2014 Hershey Track and Field Games yesterday. They had some stiff competition, but Lorelai still managed to win 3rd place in the 50 meter dash! And while Elsa placed in top 5 for her age group, I think this proved that long distance is her strength, which isn't surprising when considering her Ethiopian heritage. (refer to jog-a-thon post)

  photo 20cdda89-d13b-4e7e-a6f3-07d37f724583_zps8e4a5d7f.jpg 
Elsa Lelise, second from left, 100 meter dash.                          [Photo courtesy of Charlene Hardy.]

  photo 0ec0dccd-228c-464e-8abe-12a2830cfa50_zps4a6ba15b.jpg 
Here she comes!                                                                                  [Photo courtesy of Charlene Hardy.]

  photo 35886b65-c65b-4c39-9bc9-785c0f60e08a_zps4a307083.jpg  photo d28b4a2e-f1ff-409f-9daa-328f19e768c0_zps574c8559.jpg 
Broad jump.

  photo f7cbe073-d099-4bdb-b5dd-3ef8c2cd393e_zps18fd5f7e.jpg
Discussing running strategies with her Pops.

  photo 999f7c1f-bedd-4279-b624-17769ef31000_zps05812c86.jpg 
Elsa and Lorelai with lifelong friend, Tessa.                              [Photo courtesy of Charlene Hardy] 

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