Monday, May 26, 2014

Variations of Shel Silverstein Poems

I realize that childhood is quickly slipping away for my older girls, and so I make sure to really soak up moments like this:

  photo e86e55db-c952-49bc-bc8f-dc4913c6bd28_zps5b42e6d1.jpg  photo 204bdcf8-bc37-488c-83e2-26b1ac837ddc_zpscc18b399.jpg 
[My playbill.]

And here is just a snippet of the show I was presented:

How do kids come up with these ideas? I thought it was a brilliant way to spend their afternoon. I was also impressed with the title - Variations of Shel Silverstein's Poems. Not just Shel Silverstein's Poems...but variations. These girls are smart cookies!

As I watched them perform, alongside our neighbor, Emma, it immediately reminded me of a post I wrote last summer titled, Every Penny Counts. Go read it - it'll make this moment of seeing Elsa and Emma playing together even that more sweet.

On a completely different note: 

They were in need of a translator at church yesterday for a man that came in and didn't speak a word of English. Alexandra immediately stepped up to the plate. Oh, you should have seen her beaming all afternoon - she was so proud of was I. 

Before I ever had children, I knew I wanted them to be bilingual (or more). I didn't know how I would make that happen, speaking nothing more than English myself, but it was a dream I never lost. Then, a year before Alexandra entered school, I learned that our district had started a dual language program where the children were immersed in Spanish. It was a literal dream come true for me.

Here we are years later...Alexandra is getting ready to enter middle school next year and is completely fluent. Outside of school she doesn't have many opportunities to use her Spanish, so yesterday was a great testament to her that being bilingual truly will be beneficial in her life.

Oh, and I must add that as we drove home from church Alexandra said it reminded her of the I Love Lucy episode, Cuban Pals, where Ricky is translating for Lucy and his friends visiting from Cuba. I've told you before, we pretty much relate everything in life to I Love Lucy. Needless to say, we promptly came home and watched it.
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