Friday, June 27, 2014

A Desire to Succeed

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When Alexandra and Lorelai were young, I remember wondering how to instill a desire to succeed within them. I didn't want them to succeed because I pushed them or set high expectations, I wanted them to push themselves; I wanted them to want it. My biggest fear was that they would not realize their own potential - or worse yet - realize it, but not care.

Lately, as I watch them in their respective activities, I feel overwhelmingly proud. Because they are developing their talents, they are striving for excellence, they do see the potential within. And as a parent, that was my number one goal.

Lorelai just moved up to level four in the world of competitive gymnastics. This means she spends 13 hours a week at the gym. That's practically a part time job! A friend recently asked me if I was concerned that it was depriving Lorelai of her childhood. In response, I told her it's what Lorelai wants - that she craves being at the gym. I discussed it with Lorelai later that night and she replied,
  "Gymnastics is my fun!"

And fun it is. I showed up at the gym last night just as Lorelai was mastering a back walkover on the beam. Oh, you should have seen her smile! She was simply glowing! She is learning that one of the greatest joys in life comes from working hard and seeing the results of that work. Her recent triumph has fueled her to set other goals. She is aiming to have a double back walkover on the beam in the next week and then start working on her back handspring on the beam. 

It's happening, she see's her own potential and she wants to reach it.

Lorelai Leigh, mastering a back walkover on the beam. (Sorry it's so small!)

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