Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Sound of Music

The hills are alive...

The Fourth of July was opening night of The Sound of Music. Alexandra is cast as Marta Von Trapp and had the time of her life performing in front of a sold-out audience. You should have seen her afterwards - she was glowing she was so happy! She told me it was 'the best night of [her] life'.

Here are some photographs from the musical. It is being performed in an outdoor amphitheater alongside the great Columbia River. (Photos courtesy of Chelsea Taylor)

 photo 84ba080b-bde5-450b-900d-9ff3bdf1b322_zps22777a44.jpg
Meeting Maria.

  photo 2081d733-13c6-40fd-a1ee-6cac8aea5d02_zps593a8e42.jpg

 photo ab0cb131-0c1e-417d-b83a-c15e4106f929_zps425b983c.jpg  photo b319bbfa-1f4d-42a5-a4be-9ff73e435ad8_zps25691691.jpg
Liesl sneaking in.......and.......Children afraid of a thunderstorm.

 photo 93c9364d-b3ed-41d7-85a2-bc2bf77760e6_zps974e5b64.jpg  photo ce264acb-27fb-4ec9-8129-d29c5d7bc19e_zps151b8cb1.jpg
Curtain clothes.

  photo 8615c85f-b71c-4d34-8669-7bcf1de5fa39_zps6f841644.jpg  photo b9e6f3f7-bac3-49ab-84c5-eb7d1fa5a619_zps02c6add2.jpg  photo 72b49d63-ba52-4363-a13f-c8693feb4c4f_zps010bc06f.jpg  photo 95a66e90-6cbe-46c2-a3e2-82759dc3c777_zps384e3806.jpg  photo 30b192fd-4297-4801-9738-c672e972aed9_zps470ed618.jpg  photo e956472a-8c06-4dca-bb50-d44649d9f702_zpsf4f81e80.jpg
Edelweiss with Captain Von Trapp.

  photo 20e012c1-c7c8-4417-9bef-49d6ccf003a6_zpsbff86e17.jpg
The concert.

My Marta:
 photo 07e00b1b-2403-4032-aa72-13ec781af546_zps24cf4199.jpg

And now a few behind-the-scenes and during-intermission snapshots:

 photo 05969319-84ad-462c-bd24-38d4921a3c73_zps8a0d5232.jpg
Backstage, Von Trapps play Uno.

  photo 7cb52d7e-0d91-4c26-a51f-5f8aebfdf246_zpsf1272923.jpg  photo a35a54cf-aeea-4923-8502-1618f9993042_zps51fe17ba.jpg
Lorelai and cousin Daria.

  photo 051ad607-1793-4a17-ac0d-4cedb8c087e5_zps20b1c65b.jpg
This is how Elisabeth enjoys a show.

  photo 2efbfc4f-6d6c-4eb2-aa20-01c4a2c139d9_zpseb3257a3.jpg
Elsa and cousin Danee. 
(Can you tell that Elsa likes to jump into every picture possible? This girl loves the camera!)

 photo a7ab1936-6195-489a-ac7c-b50b94790aea_zps5cf7ebca.jpg
My view from the orchestra.

There are still four more shows this week, Thursday through Sunday!

So if you haven't yet, come, come!

Click here for show information and to purchase tickets.

(It is double cast, so if you want to see Alexandra, 
make sure to buy your tickets for the 10th or 12th.)
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