Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Tonsillectomy

Elsa awoke with a bounce in her step yesterday. She had been counting the days to her tonsillectomy like a child does to Christmas. Why, you might ask, would she be so excited? Well, the promise of never-ending popsicles definitely didn't hurt, but the main reason is because she wants to share a room with Lorelai.

You see, immediately upon moving here last November we recognized that there was a problem in the sleeping arrangement - Elsa snored loud, oh so loud, and Lorelai couldn't sleep a wink. So out came the air mattress and the girls have been rotating nights in the computer room ever since.

Elsa's first night sleeping alone was a bit fearful for her. She seemed worried and asked over and over if someone could sleep with her. As I thought about it, I realized that Elsa had never slept alone before. When living with her biological family in Ethiopia they resided in a one room mud hut, the entire family together. And in the orphanage she shared a room - dormitory style - with all the other girls. So the solitude she experienced that first night alone in her bedroom was a little scary.

Which brings us back to the tonsillectomy and Elsa's pure joy at the hope of having her snoring resolved: she just wants to share a room with her sister - and I think that's the sweetest thing ever.

And now for a photo journal of yesterday's events.

Pre-op. Feeling happy and excited:

 photo f764e870-3448-4058-b1d8-86b577ea2d6c_zps5adfc37c.jpg

Post-op. Reality hits:

  photo 4f40b412-15a4-472e-b45c-277e28da46c3_zpsac7090e6.jpg  photo 45cb680c-15e4-4cab-bf6f-f0d594de611d_zpsb8849a8b.jpg  photo a8a686a8-56ba-40cc-8241-8445da573e97_zps2f6c543e.jpg  photo e697262e-4ae7-4776-a85e-4b3114eb4a23_zps59f427a1.jpg

The first of the promised popsicles:

  photo 5dfb6507-b239-4e5c-98a5-049710e9359e_zps3155bc06.jpg

I heaved a sigh of relief when I walked into Elsa's hospital room and saw an extra bed up against the wall. I was flying solo for the day and having a place to lay Elisabeth made my life a gazillion times easier:

  photo 98adf6ff-12de-4bb6-b24d-1eaa3203b902_zps36ddbf4c.jpg 

 Ready to go home, wearing a smile again:

  photo 639df7c2-0e2c-4028-9f6e-ccf85b670d15_zps31781adb.jpg 

Keep your fingers crossed that the tonsillectomy does its job! 
(No more more snoring...)

(Pre-op, meds had begun to take effect, obviously. Ha!)
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