Friday, August 8, 2014

Elsa Goes to Disneyland!

I often times sit back and marvel at Elsa's life; to think of all she has seen and witnessed. She has known hardship, and she has experienced grief. She understands more about life - and the harsh realities that accompany it - than most children at seven years of age. But childhood shouldn't be about grief and pain, it should about imagination and whimsy, wonder and color, hope and happiness

In short, it should look something like this:

 photo a0200131-ef55-4a8d-aae1-4ad6b87c7bb9_zpsf8b81fa3.jpg
 [Elsa Lelise, arriving at Disneyland for the first time, August 5, 2014.]

  photo 57c88d2b-8062-4fd2-872f-3086575d8c57_zps770f66a9.jpg
[Thumbs up from the birthday boy, Donald, as we wait to board the Jungle Cruise.]

 photo b4087298-823c-4a12-9a63-fb43df87ebcd_zpse28ed10c.jpg
[Her first ride! I'm pretty sure she thought all the animals were real.]

  photo 84ed50de-688b-4014-a752-0aeab95d9875_zpscad80d12.jpg  photo aab799dc-3988-44bd-b76e-49be14104cdc_zps88b89444.jpg  photo c41b66ff-d3b0-49cc-bb34-6b3073a23053_zpse528898b.jpg  photo 73e0c785-9886-4a1d-9048-6dda332a5291_zps8b03ed4b.jpg  photo cef3f79a-deb4-44d1-b943-d724cdb45d35_zpsa30bbcb6.jpg  photo 1fb6b131-76f5-4bde-a763-c2664303cb7f_zps1ee5cdb2.jpg
[Disneyland is perfection.]

  photo d3876243-5541-4e14-a45b-e4b49e4ae031_zpsebbba1ad.jpg  photo 37d0787e-3708-4069-88ca-c8f1db27d327_zps7da86c9e.jpg

  photo eaf7a0d1-69a3-4720-af2e-98e00aabf29c_zps40916ecb.jpg  photo f87eeca1-3ff8-47a0-a866-7cc9de59e638_zps8d227f9b.jpg  photo 2006f023-37aa-47ad-b285-c149bedbd140_zpse6fbd1d2.jpg  photo dc4b3a87-5fbf-42e7-a6e7-31bdff1a5a80_zps62f5db3a.jpg

  photo b13b7d73-36ab-4b3d-88e4-68bff8afbcce_zps63a264e4.jpg

On day one at Disneyland we rode:
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Tarzan's Tree House
  • The Haunted Mansion
  • Peter Pan
  • Carousel
  • Mr. Toads Wild Ride
  • Dumbo
  • Teacups
  • Matterhorn
  • Big Thunder Railroad

And after the sun set...fireworks.

  photo 466deeaa-7895-4dce-8eec-ed2962ff8294_zps6c5f3a85.jpg 

And that's what childhood is all about.

***Even though she didn't make it into any of these pictures, Elisabeth was in fact there and enjoyed riding many-a-ride herself!
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