Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Prep

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Two weeks until Elsa's very first Halloween! It's the final holiday she has yet to experience here in the United States. When I tucked her into bed tonight I read her every children's book we own about trick-or-treating and carving pumpkins. I'm pretty sure Elsa thinks it's the greatest thing she's ever heard: children dressing up at night to go door to door and collect candy. Brilliant. Score another point for America.

I'm just piecing together the final parts of the girls costumes - I'm excited about them! If you have been reading this blog over the years you've probably figured out what Elsa is going to be (it's a family tradition spanning two generations). But I'll let Alexandra and Lorelai's costumes be a surprise (hint: I made Lorelai's out of the fabric pictured above).

Elisabeth is a different story, though. After giving it some thought I decided to retire her from costume wearing. You see, Elisabeth doesn't understand about things like Halloween and costumes. When the big girls were young I thought it was important to include Elisabeth for their sake, but now they are older and wiser, and have a good understanding of their special little sister. In reality, Elisabeth is happiest when she is cozy and comfortable - not being paraded around in an ill-fitted or awkward costume. So she will stay home with me, cuddled in her bean bag, listening to trick-or-treaters at the door. But never fear, I do have something festive planned for her - a new tradition we shall say. ;)

On the agenda this weekend:

~ Visit to the pumpkin patch.
~ Family from out of town is coming to stay for a few days.
~ Final three performances of Annie.
~ Gymnastics meet.
~ Nutcracker rehearsal.
~ Baby shower for a friend.
~ Lorelai's 10th birthday!

Whew! Think I'll survive all that?

(Throw a trip to Costco in the midst of all that, too!) 
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