Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Sun Will Come Out...Tomorrow!

 photo 01ccd0f9-4c7c-4d56-ae48-5e32c0d22266_zpsd7ed4607.jpg

Tomorrow, tomorrow, opening night is tomorrow! 

We ran two shows for over 2000 school children in the region today, but Annie officially opens tomorrow night! The cast, crew and orchestra have worked extremely hard - trust me, I know. Alexandra and I have been there every night rehearsing until past 10:00. But it's all worth it to see a truly amazing show come together.

I am taking a break from the orchestra pit for opening night so I can watch Alexandra perform, but I'll be down there for the remaining five shows. Come over during intermission and say hello, okay?

Here is a snapshot I took from the pit during It's a Hard Knock Life:

  photo 99473b3d-3d57-4eb5-b4f3-769b7c8b56b3_zps04d1dc6b.jpg

And don't worry, Alexandra (front and center) will be looking more unkempt for the actual show - that hair is way too neat and tidy!

For ticket and other information visit the Academy of Children's Theatre website.

I leave you with a little snippet from the show.
Alexandra will be on the far left with a bucket when the camera pans.

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