Monday, December 22, 2014

Big Animals Are Big Around Here

A few days ago I ran into an old friend of mine while out shopping with Lex. I hadn't seen her in years and so naturally we chatted and got caught up on life. While we talked, Alexandra took note of a ginormous caterpillar on the top shelf behind her. Immediately, she pulled it down and wore it like a boa around her neck.

A short while later as we were saying our goodbyes, my friend said that she wanted to buy the caterpillar for my girls, her Christmas present to them. No, I told her, I couldn't possibly let her do that. But she insisted, and we came home with an adorable, 9 foot caterpillar.

The girls are in heaven.

 photo 961bcb71-8ae9-44ee-bbc1-59d6755c60ba_zps1ee27d2a.jpg 

And it is absolutely perfect for Elisabeth! 
Look how it wraps right around her!

  photo fc26020b-532b-4431-9dc8-d3a0b18c66ee_zps1bb646df.jpg  photo abcb6b39-05ce-41bb-a63c-6f2f7a808314_zpse3438f4f.jpg 

We decided his name should be Sir Isaac Newton. 

It fits him. 


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