Thursday, December 4, 2014

Elsa Lelise, Basketball Star

Tuesday night was Elsa's very first basketball practice. She was so excited! Much like Nutcracker, she loves to have activities to be a part of - especially after watching her sisters be so active all year. Finally it is her turn to shine!

Before practice began, the girls stood in a circle and said their name and who their favorite Disney character is. I would say about a third of the team chose Elsa from Frozen. So imagine their surprise when it was Elsa's turn and she said her name was Elsa! (Elsa chose Tiana.)

 photo e415836c-a88a-4d9f-aa80-edec8113e651_zps235830d1.jpg
She is thinking, 'Mom, enough pictures already...'

  photo 6fccdcfa-1dec-4d94-a9ac-f050950b0c7f_zpsc6011a12.jpg  photo 03248c97-2b87-41ec-85df-c39a23ccc832_zps5c6621ef.jpg  photo d11282ee-3b40-4606-b37e-774577430ddd_zps867f2f7d.jpg  photo 4c32eeba-1967-446e-8403-0005baca0660_zpsdea35cd1.jpg

Look at Elisabeth snuggled on Donald during practice. Donald really wasn't sleeping, must have been a mid blink shot - but still too cute not to share!

 photo 4f94dce2-8b2e-4464-b7ec-96a894084acd_zps07d399ba.jpg

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